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Sharon Merklinger
Born in United States
64 years
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Life story
October 5, 1943
Sharon Joan,was born October 5th,1943 in Jackson,Mi.She was the beautiful baby girl of Lilah and Eldon Knapp.Sharon later in life had two brothers,Ronald-Robert Knapp.She always felt she had to compete for the love and attention she needed and wanted from her parents.She never really got the praise like Ronald-Robert did,and  felt that since they had been born her parents really were wishing that she would of been a boy instead of a little baby girl.Reguardless how she may have felt,she hid it well and had a normal childhood.In 1949 at the age of Six Sharon started her first day of School.And completed Grade School in 1954,and moved on to Junior High School in Ionia,Mi.Where she met her best friend Cookie.They became as thick as molasses,and did everything together.They were so close in fact that she was considered as part of the family.And really enjoyed one anothers company,as they got along so well,and had so many things in common.In 1960 Sharon Graduated Ionia High School,and was ready to start her life in the world.She met William S.Jenks,and Sharon thought he was the man of her dreams.So after dating for a brief period of time,she told her parents that her and William had decided they were going to get married.So married it was,and in 1964 Sharon gave birth to a Beautiful Baby Girl.And they both decided her name would be Connie Sue.And then in 1966 she gave birth to another baby,imagine that,another Girl!"And the name that was decided on for her was Billie Jo.Then in two years in 1968,Sharon gave birth to another healthy baby girl,and the name that was decided on for her was Jill Marie.Then three years later in 1971 Sharon gave birth to her last and final child,and the name that was decided upon for her was Vonnie Mae.As the years went by and the children grew Sharon realized what a big mistake she had made in marrying William.He was a alcoholic,and a abuser in every sense of the word.She wanted out,but refused to leave without her children.However,William's parents were very well connected,and were not going to let that happen.In 1977 Sharon filed for a Divorce from William,and also filed for custody of her children.William and his parents fought,and fought against Sharon til finally the Judge gave in and awarded custody of the children to William!"She was,however awarded weekend visits with her daughters,but that did not go so well as William really did not want them seeing or even being around their Mother.So whenever she would come to pick them up they were never all allowed to go,as someone had to play like they were sick or suffer a beating later.Sharon could not no longer handle the fact of William using her children as a pawn in his game,and knew even though it was going to be more harm to them then good there was nothing else she could do.She had fought and fought,and was tierd of fighting,when she knew she had no win against them.She started to fall into quite a deep depression,as nothing in her life seemed to be going right.Then in the latter part of June 1977,she met a man.But because of everything she had been through she was sorta skeptical of things.They met on his Birthday when Sharon was out celebrating the finalization of her divorce from William.Sharon,after dating Carl for about a year decided that Carl was a pretty awesome person,and really neat guy.So she decided that maybe it might be alright to let down her guard.Sharon found out that Carl too had not to long ago went through a nasty divorce.And they were both just sick to death of the state of Michigan,so they decided to leave.And they traveled to Florida.Once in Floida Sharon and Carl both obtained jobs,and was able to really start enjoying life and each other.After being there for about a year Carl proposed to Sharon and on Feb1,1979 they got married in Florida.Then in 1980 her and Carl returned to the state of Mich.,and lived in Lyons Mich for a brief period of time.Then they moved to Ionia,Mich where they lived for about four years.Then they found the perfect house that would fit them just perfectly in Petoskey,Mich.,so they moved one more time,and what they thought would be their final move.They lived in Petoskey for 20 years.In 2001 Sharon had to be taken to the Petoskey Hospital,found out she had two main artieries in her heart that were blocked it was shutting off  function to her heart and she needed to be rushed in for emergency surgery.Shortly after she healed from that Carl got severely injured on his job that he had been at for almost the full 20 years!" After his injury and everything settled down,they both talked things over and decided that they no longer wanted to live in Petoskey.Sharon and Carl both wanted to be closer to family,and the majority of there family lived downstate.So they up rooted one final time and made the move to Lakeview Mich.And in the latter part of 2007 Sharon started having severe pain and was taken into the Lakeview Hospital,where they transferred her to the Greenville Hospital.They ran some test,but they sent her home for lack of insurance.Then about a month and a half later Sharon was in severe pain,and having mobility problems.So she was taken into the Lakeview Hospital,where they transferred her to the Alma Hospital upon Sharon's request.Once there they started running all sorts of tests and found out Sharon in fact had Colon Cancer,Lymphoma Cancer,Uterine Cancer,and Conjestive Heart Failure.She was offered several forms of treatment but Sharon refused them all.No one could understand why she did not want to fight any longer,but the fight for Sharon was no longer there.She had been in the hospital for about four months being pumped full of drugs to make it easier for her so she would not feel the pain she was in.But all Sharon was truly looking for and wanting was someone,anyone to tell her it was alright for her to go Home.Finally the permission she was looking for finally came,and on the night of August 11,2008 Sharon went Home to meet Her Saviour.And that is where she rest now inThe Arms Of Our Heavenly Father.May You Forever Walk Among The Angels Now That You Have Become One....