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Sharon Merklinger
Born in United States
64 years
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Billie Jo Daughter October 19, 2019
I remember when us girls use to sit on the floor playing marbles,and of course it would not of been right if we didn't argue over the color. So you would come in separate them up and we would be right at it 5 minutes later.
Billie Jo Daughter October 3, 2019
Billie jo Daughter March 10, 2019
Billie Jo Daughter February 12, 2019
Billie Jo Daughter December 24, 2018
"Merry Christmas In Heaven Momma "
Billie Jo Daughter October 5, 2018
"Happy Birthday In Heaven Momma,loving and missing you always!"
Billie Jo Daughter September 20, 2018
Was out to visit you yesterday and today to get your fall and Halloween decorations out. I love and miss you so very much Momma and i hope you like your decorations. One day we will be rreunited again in Heaven. Until then loving and missing you always. ♥♥♥♥
Vonnie mae miss you mom August 19, 2018
can not beleive its been so long guess your enjoying your grandson u
Connie Sue Daughter August 11, 2018
Really hoping you like your flowers Momma. I do not believe I have to tell you how much I love and miss you as I know you already know. Life certainly has not been the same since you went Home to be with our Heavenly Father. One day we will be together again and I do believe that is what keeps me going. Loving and missing you...
Billie Jo Daughter August 11, 2018
Thinking back seems like it was just yesterday when I had to say farewell to you for now. And I cannot even phantom that you have been gone 10 years Momma. I miss you every single day,and wish that I could talk to you. Although I know you are in a much better place awaiting that arrival of the rest of your loved ones it still will never take the ache away nor fill the void. I truly miss you,and love you so......
Carl Husband August 11, 2018
Hope you like your flowers honey. Miss you every single day
Carl Husband August 10, 2018
I cannot believe that this Sat. you have been gone 10 years!" I miss you every single day,although I miss you as much as I do I would not wish you here to continue suffering. Have absolutely no doubt that you are continuing to wait for me there in Heaven. Just know that I love and miss you more than you could imagine....
Billie Jo Daughter August 9, 2018
cannot believe you have been gone 10 years!" A lot of great and wonderful memories,but nothing like having you here. I miss you so very much Momma
Billie Jo Daughter July 1, 2018
"Happy Fourth Of July In Heaven Momma "
Vonnie MAe Missing u June 15, 2018
Mom I sure do miss you and Daniel.When yall passed away,it was like a part of me died with both of you.
Billie Jo Daughter May 13, 2018
Happy  Mothers Day In Heaven Momma, loving and missing you always 
Billie Jo Daughter April 1, 2018
Happy Easter In Heaven Momma, I love and miss you so very much 
Billie Jo Daughter March 4, 2018
  1. Was out to visit you today and get out your Easter and Spring decorations. Loving and missing you so very much Momma.
Billie Jo Daughter February 18, 2018
"So very sorry that I missed you on Valentines Day! " ☺ 
Billie Jo☺ Daughter January 1, 2018
"Happy New Year Momma 2018!"
Billie Jo Daughter December 17, 2017
Merry,Merry Christmas Momma 
Billie Jo Daughter December 17, 2017
"Merry Christmas In Heaven Momma! "
Billie Jo Daughter December 17, 2017
Loving and missing you forever
Billie Jo Daughter December 16, 2017
The closer Christmas gets the more i think about and miss you Mom never has been the same since you went awa
Billie Jo Daughter December 10, 2017
This is a picture of your beautiful solar Christmas Lights that myself and Daddy put out for you. I certainly miss you,but especially this time of the year as i know how much you loved it. Really love being able to decorate for you,but was really happy when we found these lights,as they light up at night,and flash. They go really great with your garland,and wonderfully with the rest of your Christmas Decorations. Love you so much,but miss you even more...♥♥♥
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